Locations of 7 Top Bonus Payers

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- AOT pays out 7.75 months of salary as bonus, above Toyota's 7 months

- Residential prices in Puchao Saming Phrai

 area which houses Toyota's office start at only Bt1.92 million.

Bonus is a reward for good performance and in many cases, bonus is a factor attracting high-performing job seekers. And if the following 7 organizations are your targets, it is worth checking out the residential prices in the areas where they are located. Perhaps, one day, if these organizations hand you an employment contract, you may want to buy a house near your workplace to save travel time.  

Where 7 top bonus payers are located

State enterprises

Location 1: Don Muang

Average starting price: Bt2,731,655

Single houses: 23 projects

Townhome: 29 projects

Condominiums: 11 projects

Airports of Thailand PLC (AOT) paid 7.75-month bonus in 2018 (according to Springnews data). And if the bonus is what makes AOT an attractive employer, let's survey the accommodation prices in Don Muang area as AOT is located opposite to the Don Mueang International Airport. Altogether 63 residential projects are located within a 3-km radius from AOT headquarter, consisting of single-house, townhome and condominium projects. The average starting price is Bt2.73 million per unit while the median selling price is Bt2.55 million.

Location 2: Chatuchak

Average starting price: Bt3,685,500

Single houses: 7 projects

Townhome: 6 projects

Condominiums: 38 projects             

Reflecting the buoyant petrochemical business, PTT PLC paid maximum 7.5 months: consisting of 6-month fixed bonus and upto 1.5 months depending on performance. A number of 51 property projects are located within a 2-km radius from PTT's headquarter, 75% being condominium projects. The starting prices average at Bt3.69 million per unit while the median selling price is Bt2.80 million.


Location 3: Rama IX- GHBank

Average starting price: Bt2,832,680

Single houses: 2 projects

Townhome: 4 projects

Condominiums: 63 projects

Government Housing Bank (GH Bank) handed out 7-month bonus in 2018. The bonus is attractive but another key attraction is the special mortgage rate the bank offers its employees. The shopping list in this location is quite extensive, as the number of projects is as high as 69. Most of them are condominiums. The projects' starting prices average at Bt2.83 million per unit, while the median housing price is Bt2.89 million.


Location 4: Soi Ari-Saphan Kwai

Average starting price: Bt2,978,132

Single houses: 6 projects

Townhome: 4 projects

Condominiums: 67 projects

Government Savings Bank (GSB) is quite generous when it comes to bonus payment: the 2018 rate was 6 months of salary. The bank's employees may want to put the money in a piggy bank. But if they are looking for a house near office, 77 property projects are located within 2 km from GSB headquarter to choose from. Most of the projects are condominiums, located near Ari and Saphan Kwai BTS Stations. Thanks to convenience in travelling to any parts of Bangkok, these projects ask for at least Bt2.98 million per unit as the starting price. The residential prices however averaged at Bt3.01 million per unit.


Location 5: Ladphrao

Average starting price: Bt3,011,384

Single houses: 15 projects

Townhome: 31 projects

Condominiums: 54 projects

Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) is located on Phaholyothin Road, next to Kasetsart University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Last year, its employees were given 5 months of salary. Serving the company that operates expressways doesn't mean you have to use expressways every day and living near office will give you ample time for other things. One hundred property projects are located within 2-km radius from EXAT's office and more than half of them are condominiums. The starting prices of these projects average at Bt3.01 million per unit, while the median selling price is Bt2.6 million per unit.


Private companies

Personnel Management Association of Thailand's survey, based on past records, shows that the automobile industry is likely to pay the highest bonus rate in 2019, at 6.04 months of salary. Following will be the resources sector, at 5.06 months; consumer products sector, at 4.11 months; and the real estate sector, at 3.76 months.

The champion in the automobile industry will be Toyota, which paid 7.5 months in 2018 and an extra sum of Bt25,000.


Location 6: Puchao Saming Phrai

Average starting price: Bt1,917,957

Single houses: 12 projects

Townhome: 28 projects

Condominiums: 34 projects


Toyota is located in Samut Prakan, south of Bangkok. Though, the Green Line electric train offers a convenient link with the city areas, with the extension line passing Toyota's office. For those who want to move to this area, 74 property projects are located near Toyota's office. The starting prices of the projects average at Bt1.92 million per unit and the median selling price is Bt1.7 million per unit. Well, Toyota's employees can comfortably use their bonuses as down payments.


Location 7: Bangna

Average starting price: Bt2,176,973

Single houses: 13 projects

Townhome: 27 projects

Condominiums: 113 projects

Trailing behind Toyota is Honda. Its bonus is equivalent to 7.5 months of salary, plus Bt20,000. The bonus rate is slightly lower than Toyota's, but Honda's head office is closer to Bangkok as it was recently moved to Bhiraj Tower at Bitec Building, next to BTS Bangna Station.  More than 150 property projects are located in the area, mostly near BTS stations which offer great travel convenience from and to downtown Bangkok. The location is perfect for Honda employees and others, with the attractive starting price at Bt2.18 million per unit. The medial selling price of these projects is only Bt1.99 million per unit.

Notably, the projects' required down payments may be a bit higher than the projects in Puchao Saming Phrai area.

Some of you may be enticed to change jobs. Wherever you are, may you succeed in your work life.

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